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9 Fun and Inventive Uses for a Shed

Different ways to use a shed

There are many other practical and leisure uses that a storage shed can be put to than just using it as somewhere to keep your spades, pots and seeds. A shed doesn’t have to be restricted to storing gardening items.

Sheds can provide you with a base to run a business from home, somewhere you can enjoy a hobby or exercise routines, or a retreat where you can relax and escape from the kids once in a while. And that’s just a few of the possible uses of a shed.

A shed truly is a multi-use building suitable for all kinds of leisure or business projects.

The size and type of your shed may limit what you can use it for but with a bit of imagination the sky’s the limit.

Here are some examples of how modern outdoor sheds have been used in a completely different role to that of a garden shed.

Artist's Studio, Craft Workshop, Hobby Den

If you are creative, whether as an artist, a crafter or a hobbyist, you will welcome the additional space that your own workshop can provide. You will have a decent sized work area, somewhere you can leave incomplete projects to work on another time, as well as having plenty of storage space for all your materials and accessories.

These activities tend to use a lot of supplies and being able to organize everything you use, just the way you want, it is a great advantage.

A custom shed design can provide you with somewhere to focus on your creativity. An ideal workshop away from the normal day-today distractions of life indoors. You can create your own tranquil haven with all the peace and quiet you need to pursue your interest.

Bar Shed / Pub Shed

This is a simple concept and one that is challenging the ‘Man Shed’ in popularity. Create your own bar in a shed. Simple!

It can be any size - large enough to have a pool table perhaps, or smaller with only a few bar stools. Perhaps small enough just to contain shelves of bottles and a few optics.

It doesn’t matter. What is important is that you bring out your personality in the designing of your bar shed - your own special space for entertaining family and friends in a relaxing and personal environment.

Home Business

​Running a business from home can sometimes become difficult when domestic life intrudes on business life. The two usually need to be separate for the business side to operate efficiently. It can also be difficult expanding a business when you are operating it from within your home environment.

When you run out of space indoors a good way to expand and re-organize is to set up your business in a suitably sized home office shed in your backyard. You’ll have room to grow your venture and be away from all the normal domestic distractions indoors.

Home Gym​

​A real alternative to expensive gym memberships can be found by using a suitable sized shed as a home gym or exercise area. You’ll need a unit big enough to house your exercise equipment, and need to strengthen the floor to handle the extra weight. Read more here: Using a Shed as a Home Gym


​Home Spa

​You could have your own spa in a shed. How cool is that? A fair bit of work is involved of course, what with the need for plumbing as well as an electricity supply wired in. You'll also need to ensure the shed has good insulation and ventilation, but with careful planning you could achieve a feature that would make you the envy of your friends.

Kids Play House Area​

​It’s not just parents who need some extra space. Sheds can make ideal play areas for kids if kitted out in an imaginative way. Bright colors and fittings can help inspire children’s imaginations and increase play value. Somewhere for the kids to hang out away from the house can be particularly useful on a wet day when they are stuck indoors.

'Man Cave' or 'She Shed'​

​A man cave can be whatever you want it to be. A special refuge to ‘do your own thing’ - set up exercise equipment, mess around with automotive parts, watch the game in peace, have a beer or two. Anything goes.

And the ladies have as much right to a ‘special space’ as the men. I’ve seen some really great decked-out she sheds. Either fitted out as a sanctuary offering peace and quiet for some reading or a bit of shut-eye, or as somewhere to pursue a hobby and release personal creativity.

Whether you clear out an old shed or buy a new shed kit, you can customize as much as you want.

Music Room​

​A shed can also provide a convenient place to practice a musical instrument. You’ll need good soundproofing - especially if you have an aspiring drummer in the house - and need to make it light and warm and dry.

​Pets Housing

​Wooden sheds make idea housing for small furry pets. They are easy to fit out with multiple play and sleep areas for the animals, providing them with a better quality of life than being kept caged. Pet supplies can be stored easily in close proximity to the pets and soiled bedding kept for disposal.

Our ferrets Hawk and Kes, had their own three level ferret court in the garden with an adjacent aviary style area where they could run around and climb. In the winter though, we created a wooden tunnel that ran from their play area round the garden fencing to the shed, where they could enter and bed down in another hutch when the weather was particularly cold for them.

​In most of these cases, converting an existing shed would ideally require you to strip everything out to do a full refurbishment, making sure the shed was clean and dry.

Walls, floor and roof interior would all need to be cleaned and repaired where necessary, insulation and ventilation improved, a power supply installed and a fresh coat of paint given to create a new fresh look.

​Who would have thought that the storage shed in your backyard could be put to so many different uses.


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