Best Ladder Accessories For Home Maintenance

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accessories for ladder work

Working safely on a ladder requires you to maintain three points of contact with the ladder. Using one hand to steady yourself can slow the way you work but does not have to limit the range of tasks you can perform.

You can replace shingles, clear gutters, paint walls, clean windows, lop trees, repair walls, and fences, all with the use of a ladder. And all these home maintenance tasks can be made straightforward when you use some ladder add-ons.

You can improve the functionality of your ladder with a few time-tested accessories that can make your home maintenance tasks more efficient.

Not all of them are universal fitting. Some are brand-specific, so check they will fit your ladder before buying.

The ladder accessories you can see here are of two main types. Those that help make the ladder more stable at the working end of the ladder, and others that hold tools and materials, so you don’t have to keep going up and down.

These useful ladder add-ons help improve the performance of your ladder as well as make ladder-working safer and less stressful for you.

Accessories for Extension Ladders

Louisville Ladder End Covers

These simple end caps will protect against damage caused by the ladder bearing on the landing surface. They are for the top posts of the ladder, not the bottom.

They will fit most aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders, of any length. Simple but effective.

Louisville Ladder Stand-off Stabilizer

Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer

Stabilizer for rigid single and extension ladders. 48 inch span clears most windows.

You can fit a ladder stabilizer to the top of an extension ladder that will keep the ends of the ladder away from the work surface. They typically hold the ladder about ten inches away from the wall, giving you an improved workspace directly in front of you. They can be particularly useful for working around obstacles, windows, bushes and so on.

Some are width-adjustable, and others are depth-adjustable.

Spreading the load over a wider area also makes the ladder more stable.

Guardian Fall Protection System

When you are working topside, transitioning from a ladder to the roof is a potentially dangerous maneuver. Even when your ladder extends well beyond the guttering and you can hold the ends of the ladder to steady yourself, you have to move sideways around the ladder to access the roof — an awkward movement. You could catch your foot on something, trip, and fall.

A safer method is to step off the ladder and forward, which you can do using extension arms fitted to the ends of your ladder.They make the transition from the roof back to the ladder safer as well.

Ladder's Little Helper Gutter Guard

Ladder's Little Helper

This gutter guard from Ladder's Little Helper helps keep the top of an extension ladder in position when hooked over the edge of the guttering. It has rubber backing where it is in contact with the gutter, which keeps it from sliding and prevents scratching — a useful accessory for general use.

Ladder Limb Paint Can & Bucket Holder

This simple device fits easily into the hollow ends of an extension ladder's rungs for use on either side of the ladder. You can use it to hold a paint can or bucket, a tool bag for example which are kept safely in place with a carabiner clip

Ladder Caddy Bucket Holder

This bucket holder hoop also fits into a ladder's rungs and will allow you to keep a hand free when cleaning windows, clearing out gutters, and painting.

Accessories for Step Ladders

Stepladder accessories are often brand specific, so check before buying that they will fit your ladder.

Tool & Bucket Shelf for Fiberglass Step Ladders

This utility shelf is designed to fit most brands of fiberglass A-frame stepladders and can hold a bucket or paint container as well as some tools.

Werner AC52 Ladder Work-Tub/Bucket

Werner AC52-UB Ladder-Accessories, Blue

Fill with soapy water to clean windows & kitchen wall cabinets

Werner AC52-UB Ladder-Accessories, Blue

Load with tools and fixings for routine maintenance tasks

You can use this versatile step ladder work-tub for dry and wet work. The tub has a sealed bottom, a carry handle, and slots easily into the top of Werner 6000, 6100, 6200, and 6300 series stepladders.

Handy Accessories to Use on All Ladders

Squeegee and Washer Holster

Cleaning windows when you're up a ladder can require a lot of tool changing between squeegee and washer. You can clip this handy holster to an appropriate belt and swap between the devices easily. It can hold two squeegees and one washer tool.

Blendx Magnetized Tool Holders

This magnetized wrist band is a useful accessory to use in conjunction with a tool belt for holding fixings and a variety of power-tool bits, nut setters, and cutters. It keeps the items you work with close to hand and helps minimize unnecessary movement while working up a ladder.

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