Best Pegboard Accessories For a Shed

Different types of pegboard hooks
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Pegboard is a helpful way to hang tools for quick access. It can be installed on any solid wall and is especially useful when fitted behind a workbench in a shed or a garage. Pegboard panels have been around a long time, so many different pegboard accessories are available to help you create your ideal wall tool holder.

Pegboard tool organizers can be a helpful addition to workshops, she-sheds, man caves, garden sheds, or anywhere that uses a workbench.

What are the Types of Pegboard?

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Wood Composite Pegboard

The original Pegboard, and still the most readily available, is made with a hardboard panel - reconstituted wood fiber - and is an admirable solution for organizing lightweight items.

Triton Products (PEG2-BRW) (2) Wall Ready Brown 24 In. W x 42 In. H x 1/4 In. D Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Tempered Round Hole Pegboards with Mounting Hardware

It is an affordable system that you can buy at most home improvement and DIY outlets.

It is not as durable as other types, though, and will break down over time.

It can become damaged through exposure to oils or moisture, the holes can elongate through wear, and you'll need to frame it or use some other form of a standoff so it stands away from the wall sufficiently for the pegs to fit.

Plastic Pegboard

WallPeg (4) Black Plastic Pegboard Panels – 96” Wide Garage Tool Pegboard – AM 212

Plastic Pegboard is a lightweight alternative that is durable, easy to clean, and strong enough to carry heavy tools.

 These boards are a lot stronger than you might think and usually ready to mount without adding material to distance them away from the wall.

Metal Pegboard

Wall Control Pegboard Value Pack - (3) Pack of Wall Control 16-Inch Tall x 32-Inch Wide Horizontal Steel Pegboards for Wall Home & Garage Tool Storage Organization (Metallic Galvanized Pegboard)

For more heavy-duty applications, aluminum and galvanized or stainless steel pegboards provide better support.

The edges are flanged, so the panels locate away from the wall surface. They are a lot heavier than other types, and they cost more. You can obtain metal boards in bright colors, adding a bit of fun to the workplace.

Best Pegboard System

Before you buy a pegboard, you will need to consider what you wish to store on it, how much space you will need, and the type of fittings that will best organize your tools and accessories the way you want them.

There are a few details about the alternative types you may wish to consider:

Hole Sizes

Pegboard comes with either round holes spaced one inch apart or vertical slots. Some boards feature both, which can help arrange your board exactly as you want it with all  the different accessories available.

There are two thicknesses of pegboard made with hardboard. The lightweight type is only 1/8th inch thick and has 3/16th inch diameter holes. The heavy-duty type is a 1/4 inch thick board with 1/4 inch diameter holes.

Metal and plastic pegboards use 1/4 inch holes.

Panel Sizes

You can buy an 8 feet by 4 feet hardboard panel, cut it to the size you want, or buy the smaller cut sizes provided by your Home Improvement outlet.

Plastic and metal sizes vary across the manufacturers, usually in 16 inches or 24 inches incremental lengths. To achieve the pegboard layout you want may well require fitting several adjacent panels.

You can use boards with holes vertically or horizontally to create the layout you want, but panels that include slots you will have to use with the slots showing vertically.

Hooks and Accessories

Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit 120PCS | Peg Board Attachment & Peg Board Basket Set for Tools | 1/4 inch Pegboard Hooks Assortment | Pegboard Bins, Metal Hooks for Hanging Storage

An example of  a 1/4 inch hook assortment. Those odd looking items at the bottom are peg locks. They keep in place the smaller hooks that use a single location point.

Bins and Baskets

Right Arrange Pegboard Bins - 12 Pack Black - Hooks to Any Peg Board - Organize Hardware, Accessories, Attachments, Workbench, Garage Storage, Craft Room, Tool Shed, Hobby Supplies, Small Parts

Storage tubs are a handy fixture and have a load of uses.

ORASANT Pegboard Baskets 4 Pack, Grid Panel Baskets, Universal for Any Peg Board, Grid Panel, Wall- Square Style Wire Shelf Baskets - Organize Tools, Workbench, Accessories, Garage Storage

Storage baskets provide storage for bulkier items such as aerosols, small cartons etc.

Pegboard Wall Organizers

Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories

 This 4 feet metal Wall Organizer is available in many colors - blue, red, orange, gray, green, yellow, and white - with theme colored fittings. 

TORACK Pegboard Wall Organizer, 48x40 inch Garage Metal Pegboard Organizer Utility Tool Storage Kit with Toolboard Hooks Accessories, Wall Mounted Storage Bins, Paper Towel Holder, Heavy Duty Overhead Shelf

This Torack Metal Wall Organizer has hooks, tubs, rack holders and a shelf unit.

Wall Control Pink or Purple Metal Pegboard

Wall Control Pink Pegboard Metal Pegboard Pack of Pink Peg Boards - Two 32-Inch Tall x 16-Inch Wide Colorful Pink Pegboard Wall Storage Panels

Click image for more information.

Wall Control Purple Pegboard Metal Pegboard Pack of Purple Peg Boards - Two 32-Inch Tall x 16-Inch Wide Colorful Purple Pegboard Wall Storage Panels

If you like bright colors to lighten your shed or workshop and to add a bit of fun, then Wall Control's pink or purple metal panels are worth considering.

Pegboard Advantages & Disadvantages

Opinion on the usefulness of pegboards is evenly split, I think. Only you will know if erecting a pegboard is going to be beneficial for you.


  • You can fix pegboard to almost any stretch of wall that might otherwise offer no other storage function.
  • If you often work at a workbench, your main tools and accessories are easily accessible.
  • Metal and plastic pegboards are a lot more durable and easy to wipe down clean.


  • Some cheaper hooks can irritatingly keep coming out unless you use peg locks.
  • Tools and other items will get dusty.
  • It is best used for 'general' tools, with your specialized tools kept together in a toolbox or tool bag - otherwise, you are going to do a lot of walking to and fro.
  • You can lose a degree of security if tools on the pegboard are accessible by other family members. They don't always put things back!

Pegboard Tips

  • Before you buy your pegboard setup, carefully consider all the different items you want to store on it and how accessible they need to be
  • Plan the entire layout of your pegboard before you start locating the hooks.
  • Use pegboard with 1/4 inch diameter holes. The bigger size hole will enable you to use the more robust larger hooks and fittings.
  • Locate similar types of tools together.
  • Position the tools you use most often in front of you at eye level.
  • Don't position adjacent items too close together to avoid knocking them off when you grab something.
WallPeg 36 Pegboard Bins Part Bin Kit Hooks to Peg Board Panels Workbench Organizer Larger Size Bins

Pegboard vs Toolbox

We all have our own preferences for organizing tools, and there is no right or wrong way of doing it. It all comes down to how we want to work and when and where we need the tools.

If you do a lot of benchwork, then a pegboard on the wall could be pretty handy. But when you are working in the attic, car servicing in the driveway, or clearing gutters, for example, you need your tools with you, and the toolbox comes into its own.

But it's not just tools you can put on pegboard. The wire baskets and plastic bins are handy for storing all sorts of ancillary items specific to your kind of work. Whether you are a woodworker, gardener, automotive parts repairer, or DIY enthusiast, you will find storage tubs that are only an arm's stretch away when using a workbench, very convenient.

Over To You

You can organize almost anything on pegboard. It's not just for tools. If you are using a workbench in your shed, then a pegboard and accessories could be a beneficial addition.

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