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Accessories For Ladder Work

Accessorize your ladder

Accessories for ladders tend to be of two main types. Those that help make the ladder more stable, and therefore safer when in use, and those that hold tools and materials so you don’t have to keep going up and down the ladder. This is a selection of some of the most useful items that will […]

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How To Make Ladder Working Easier and Safer

Use a ladder leveler

Not everyone feels at ease working high up a ladder. The view from the top looking down can seem a lot further away than when you are looking up, if you’re not a regular user. When you’re working high up, the last thing you want to experience is the sensation of the ladder slipping sideways. So making […]

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Choosing a Ladder

Ladder Buyer's Guide

Any homeowner doing their own maintenance or home improvements will appreciate the usefulness of a ladder or two. It is not just professional builders, painters and roofers who find ladders such an indispensable tool. ​​With so much choice when it comes to buying … where do you start? Contents – Quick Navigation Types of LadderLadder Materials […]

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Ladder User Safety Tips

Safety tips for ladder users

Being up a ladder of any type, even a humble stepladder, is a potentially dangerous place to be. If you are not used to ladder-work and are not observing basic safety precautions, it can be easy to think you can defy the laws of physics.We want you to stay safe whenever you use a ladder. […]

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