Metal Shed Reviews

Metal sheds provide a lot of storage area for your money, as well as the most secure construction material. They have attractive finishes which require little maintenance. 

Brand & Model

Arrow 10' x 8' Hamlet Storage Shed, Yard and Outdoor Storage for Tools, Lawn Equipment, Pool Toys Eggshell and Green

Arrow Hamlet HM108 Shed

This spacious medium-sized shed from Arrow, the Hamlet HM108,  is a 10 x 8 steel shed providing plenty of storage capacity for your large gardening equipment, pool supplies, loungers and kids toys. 

Arrow WL108 Woodlake 10-Feet by 8-Feet Steel Storage Shed

Arrow WL108 Woodlake Shed

Offering the advantages of security, durability and  low maintenance, this 10 by 8 feet steel storage building from Arrow, provides 413 cubic feet of storage capacity.

Arrow Commander Mountaineer High Gable Steel Storage Building, Eggshell, 10 x 15 ft.

Arrow Commander Mountaineer 10 x 15 Metal Shed

If you need a large storage building to house large equipment, a boat, trailers or small workshop facilities, this metal shed from Storboss provides a cavernous amount of space. 

Why Buy a Metal Shed?

If you are looking for inexpensive, low maintenance and durable storage space then metal sheds could be your go-to option.

​Metal storage sheds offer the most economical way to get the most storage capacity for your dollar. Most modern steel storage buildings use electro-galvanized panels, which are coated with a baked-on enamel finish, or they are vinyl coated.

This prevents rusting and general corrosion, as well as providing a pleasing appearance to the assembled building.

​​A steel shed will be a lot more secure than one made of wood or plastic. This makes it a preferred choice if you are intending to store valuable items.

​They require a lot less maintenance too. There’s no need to apply wood treatments each year as you would with wooden garden buildings.

Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of metal sheds.

Advantages of Metal Sheds

  • They are a lot cheaper than traditional wooden sheds, both to build and maintain.
  • The metal panels are light, robust and durable. This durability is due to the rust proof coating. Metal sheds tend to last a long time before a replacement is needed.
  • Metal shed kits are structurally sound, and easy to assemble. You don't need to be an experienced carpenter. All the parts come in prefabricated sheets ready to be bolted together.
  • Low maintenance. Just requires washing down when appropriate.
  • Coatings on metal panels can be be a lot more resilient than finishes on other materials.
  • There’s a low risk of insect infestation.
  • Metal sheds can be erected on any flat and level surface.
  • They probably provide the most secure storage as they provide greater security from theft.
  • The metal construction is also resistant to fire.

Disadvantages of Metal Sheds

  • They are not as pleasing to the eye as other sheds. Metal doesn’t have the same visual appeal as wood or plastic.
  • Condensation can build up inside the shed and cause damp, so good ventilation is important.
  • Roof may need reinforcing to cope with heavy snow-loads.
  • Thin walls can be easily dented.
  • Metal storage sheds have no insulation to extremes of temperature.

The popular brands in metal shed manufacture include Arrow, Duramax, Duro and Storboss. Arrow are probably the biggest manufacturer of metal buildings in the world.

Is a metal shed just what you need? That's going to depend on your own needs.

Although there are a few disadvantages to having a metal shed, they are largely out-weighed by the positive aspects of ownership.


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