Best Shed Reviews

You can read more details about the different types of shed in our Shed Buyer's Guide.

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  • ​Remember to check your local area building codes before buying a shed or starting any shed assembly. These can govern the type and location of the shed you can erect, the footings and many other local requirements.
  • ​Also, a flat and level base is required to build a square and level storage building. Getting this right at the beginning of your project can save a lot of aggravation later.
  • ​When your shed kit is delivered, fully read the instructions and check the parts against the parts list before starting to assemble.
  • ​Whatever type of shed you assemble, you will need to ensure that it is securely anchored to the ground to prevent wind damage.

Best Ladder Reviews

​Different types of ladder are discussed in our buyer's guide - Choosing a ladder.

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When using ladders, observe the safety rules. More ladder safety info here.


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