Wood Shed Reviews

Sheds made of wood are a lot heavier, and in some ways more robust, than other types. They require more maintenance, and they tend to cost more too.

But with a wooden shed you’ll have a lot more flexibility to remodel the interior to your liking. You can drive screws or nails in almost anywhere without compromising the structure, to build a custom interior just as you want it.

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Best Barns Danbury 8' X 12' Wood Shed Kit

Best Barns Danbury 8 x 12 Shed

This attractive shed has a high-walled design. This makes it eminently suited to storing larger items of equipment.

There's more wall space too, so you can arrange a lot more storage off the ground.

It has no windows which helps provide better security for your equipment as it's not in general view.​

Best Barns Millcreek 12' X 16' Wood Shed Kit

Best Barns Millcreek 12 x 16 shed

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